Tanesha Bannister - 23 Year Sentence

I'm currently serving my 16th year and have programmed the entire time.  The First Step Act would mean a new beginning at life for me and my family because rehabilitation really works. I have completed a long list of classes, programs, and even taught health and wellness at every Institution I’ve been to, including Alderson, Coleman and Bryan Camps.

I'm the mother of one son and one daughter who were 8 and 9 years old when I came to prison. Now, they are grown adult and I’m a grandmother!  I cannot get back the lost time or pain I caused due to our separation, but this law will reunite us sooner so we can begin to heal, as a family.  

I’m very excited about the prospect of participating in additional programing to earn time credits outlined in the bill.  The retroactive 54 good days will reduce my sentence by over 5 months, placing me in the “low risk” category at an accelerated rate. This bill has the potential to send me home by 2020 which would be a huge benefit to me.   

I’m excited about living a productive life, post incarceration. I have several job offers waiting for my return.  I plan to utilize my cosmetology license to do hair for the retired community and cater to nursing homes. My true passion is fitness so I plan to offer my services in a broad span that will include churches, community centers, and retirement facilities.

I’m so excited to prove to everyone that my worst mistake should not define who I am for the rest of my life. All I need is an opportunity - failure is not an option.  Please pass the Second Chance Act that rewards prisoners for their achievements.

To learn more about Tanesha Bannister go to: http://www.candoclemency.com/tanesha-bannister/