Robert Shipp- Life Sentence Reduced to 30 Years

Initially, I was given a living death sentence - life without parole. In 2015 that sentence was reduced to 30 years. If the First Step Act passes, I could be home in a few months!  The retroactive 54 good days will take 7 months off my sentence and expedite my release to home confinement or a half-way house.

Since I’ve been in prison both my father and stepmother passed.  This was devastating and I felt helpless as I was unable to attend their funerals or be with my family during such difficult times.  Each and every day away from my mother, daughter, grandchildren, and family is one day too many, so this would mean the world to me.

I am ready, willing, and prepared to make a successful re-entry back into society after 24½ years of imprisonment.  I have much to offer, not only to my family, and community, but to our country.  I am now 45 years old, and no longer the person I was when I was too young to understand the consequences of my actions. I have grown, matured, and evolved into a man who now looks back in hindsight, and realizes I made a horrible mistake.

I have completed every program imaginable as my list of accomplishments establishes. I realize that hard work, education, and dedication are the true keys to a successful life. There are no short cuts. I learned that the hard way!  

Upon release I will immediately take advantage of my Personal Fitness Certifications, as well as my Real Estate credentials. I plan to assist my aging mother with her store and get custody of my grandchildren and raise them. These are some of my first steps upon release.  My life has a purpose. Freedom is all I need...and the First Step Act will set me free this year!


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