Rhonda Turpin - 17 Year Sentence

Some women get excited about shoes, but I get excited about books and knowledge.

I have made the best of a bad situation because I started programming from day one. I enjoy teaching other women in a number of programs I have participated in, while continuing to improve myself. I completed my doctorate degree in Sociology on January 9, 2018; completed an Apprenticeship in Office Management from the Department of Labor; visited several high schools and alternative schools to interact with at-risk youth in a program entitled 2 High 4 The Price.

I currently instruct the RPP (Release Planning Preparation) classes which includes MoneySmart, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, and AARP, sponsored by Charles Schwab's Investment Corporation. I also teach Parenting and Resume writing and Monday evenings I teach an Investing ACE class. Previously I instructed two financial management classes in July, 2016, to two separate groups of women. I have over 40 Education ACE class certificates.

I wrote an essay that was published in Essence and Vogue magazines as one of the contributors in the anthology featured in All the Women in My Family Sing and I authored a book entitled Resilience: Living in Prison with Martha Stewart.

Some women get excited about shoes, but I get excited about books and knowledge. It’s important that I apply myself, especially since I have a new appreciation for freedom and want to become a role-model citizen and am determined to prove myself worthy of a second chance.

When released, I have a full-time job waiting for me with a good salary as an office manager for a fiber optics company in Ohio. If passed and I receive 54 good days calculated from my sentence, the First Step Act will set me free!

Read more about Rhonda at http://www.candoclemency.com/rhonda-turpin/

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