Nicole Walker - 10 Year Sentence

I’m 47 years old and have never been in trouble except for this crime. I've served over 6 years and have learned from my mistakes, my past and want to move forward. I've missed out on so much since my arrest. Both of my sisters tragically passed away at age 37 and I missed the birth of my only grandson. 

I’ve missed both his birthdays, first steps, first words, and being part of his everyday life. My daughter needs me and I want to lift the burden of my incarceration from her shoulders. 

I have never had a disciplinary problem and have an exemplary prison record. I have completed 2 drug education programs, plus various other classes and I am the lowest security level one can be in the Bureau of Prisons.

I joined the PAWS program (prisoners assisting with service dogs) and have trained 6 dogs to date.  I love this program so much, when I go free I plan to have a boarding kennel with basic obedience training and doggy daycare, even if I have to start part time and build up the business.  I’m thrilled to see this program anchored into the First Step Act because it gives the women an outlet to exercise their motherly instincts and the dogs provide unconditional love that mends our broken hearts.  Everyone benefits.

Even if everything outlined in the First Step Act is not implemented right away, the retroactive 54 good days will enable me to spend next Christmas (2019) with my daughter and grandson, which would be a dream come true.  If everything is implemented, I will benefit from even more time credits, so I hope and pray the First Step Act passes.

Nicole Walker

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