Missy Trigg- 15 Year Sentence Minimum

I will be the first to admit that prison saved my life.  I was horribly addicted to meth-amphetamine and nothing could curb my addiction.  I did what was necessary to feed my habit and prison erected a wall between me and a drug that had seized control of my life.

But I did not need 15 years to overcome addiction, or to get my head on straight, and repent.  My son also received a 15 year sentence as did my extended family. They have served every day of this sentence with me.

I lost my father to cancer on July 3, 2017,  an experience that was nothing less than torture because I could not be there to comfort him. He came to see me in prison so I could hug him and say good-bye.  If First Step Act had been in effect while I served my time I would have been home when my father needed me most. I would have qualified for a boat load of earned time credits due to my exceptional programming and accomplishments during my incarceration.  

My proudest accomplishment since being incarcerated has been obtaining my Personal Trainer Certification and using it in a positive manner in every camp I’ve been assigned to. I started teaching Wellness classes for the recreation department in Bryan, TX. Then, continued and improved that program in Pekin, Coleman, Danbury, and now here in Greenville. I’ve created new programs and have been very successful launching and directing the Biggest Loser Program. These programs have had great results and changed many women’s outlook on themselves. Their self-esteem and positivity they gain has helped them as they finish their sentences. It gives them a better outlook on themselves and will help them as they rejoin the society.

I have had excellent remarks on all the jobs that I have been assigned. One of the remarks posted on my file from a previous Case Manager states “Ms. Trigg has demonstrated an attitude not common in a correctional setting. Her desire to learn from her own experiences has motivated her to help transform other women into being the best they can be. She has done this through teaching her classes and encouraging women to achieve their dreams”.

Within the first two years of my release, I will be working hard to build a career in the personal training area. My passion for this runs very strong. I am very confident I can do well with my schooling, certification, and hands on experience.  

To learn more about Missy Trigg go to: http://www.candoclemency.com/melissa-trigg-15-year/