Mary Ziman- 27 Year Sentence

My Native American heritage has been a great asset because I have needed to rely on my spirituality to help me let go of things I cannot control.”  Mary had debilitating fibromyalgia and was on permanent disability prior to my arrest, conviction and 27 year sentence for drug conspiracy. Mary is 69 years old and has served over 19 years for drug conspiracy charges."

While incarcerated Mary lost all sight in her right eye and have been losing sight in her left eye due to cataracts. She has three cancerous spots on her left lung and must have an inhaler to support her compromised lung. In March, 2016, she spent 10 days in the hospital while incarcerated at Victorville, California due to a kidney infection stemming from an untreated urinary tract infection. After running numerous tests the doctor determined a long list of health complications, including anemia, a hernia, and problematic potassium levels affecting her heart.

Mary filed for a compassionate release after her hospital visit, but it was denied by the Warden even though she met all the criteria. First Step Act provides oversight and transparency related to compassionate releases and if it passes, Mary will be eligible for an immediate release.

“My family is my life, I am so proud of them and I am anxious to reunite with them.”

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