Jessica Antunez- 20 Year Sentence

Currently I am being housed in FCI Dublin in Dublin, California which is roughly 2,000 miles away from my brother and father in Illinois and roughly 1,900 miles away from my three children in Missouri.

If I were to be transferred to the same security facility in Waseca Minnesota I would be 320 miles from my brother and father and 550 miles from my children.

Or, if I were transferred to a lower security facility, in which I do qualify per the BOP guidelines, in Pekin, Illinois I would only be 90 miles from my brother and father and 380 miles from my children.

For the first ten years of my sentence I was in Fort Worth, Texas, which was a 20 hour driving trip for my family from Illinois. They visited me on a Saturday and Sunday weekend visit about every other year. I got to see my mom four times before she passed away from breast cancer. It was so hard when they would leave knowing it would be years before I would see them again. Every time they would come my small children had changed so much. I had to watch them grow up through photographs. Being closer to the me family would result in frequent visits, which would help strengthen my family ties and allow me to bond with my children who are the innocent victims in this. That’s why the First Step Act is so important to me and my family.

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