David Barren- 30 Year Sentence

Although President Obama commuted my LIFE to 30 years, I will not be released until 2034 which is why the First Step Act is critically important to me and other prisoners. The extra good time credits that will immediately go into effect will reduce my sentence by another 7 months, plus I will be able to earn additional good time credits for programs implemented after First Step passes.  

This is important because my parents are 81 and 83 and for the last 10 years they have religiously visited me at least once a month, driving over 3 hours to and from the prison.  I was raised in a close-knit family and our bond is what keeps going. I also have a fiancé who visits me who is the love of my life. We are anxious to start building a life together, so anything I can do to recover my freedom is of utmost importance. Until then, keeping me within a 500 mile radius of my loved ones is critically important for me and my family.  First Step Act ensures that will remain close to my family.

I made a horrible mistake by getting involved in the drug trade that I horribly regret. While I am thankful my sentence was reduced from LIFE to 30 years, the bottom line is my parents will not live to see me walk out of prison unless I’m given an opportunity to earn additional good time credits.  First Step Act will provide me with the opportunity to earn up to 10 days off of every 30 days through earned good time credits tied to programs and accomplishments I achieve while incarcerated.

The First Step Act is full of prison reform legislation that is long overdue.  Please vote in favor of the First Step Act and let the healing begin.

To learn more about David Barren go to http://www.candoclemency.com/dave_barren/

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