Alicia Kay Estabrook- 15 Year Sentence

I am serving my 7th year of a 15 year sentence and I’ve been transferred from one institution to another.  I am from Bismark, North Dakota and I’m currently being housed in the Miami Florida Detention Center; a facility that houses pre-trial inmates and is over 2,200 miles from my children and home.  This is unheard of because once a person is sentenced, they are designated to a federal institution based on their security level. Detention centers are not for people who are currently serving their sentence, as I am.  There is no fresh air and nothing to do because these facilities do not provide programming, classes or access the ability to go outdoors.

Most the ladies here are from this area so they get visits with their families and even go on furloughs.  I get none of that. I have been promised many times I will be transferred to FCI Waseca, yet it never happens. On May 20th I was told my transfer has been denied and I must spend 18 months in this Detention center yet no one can explain why.  This is truly torture because I don’t have access to my proper medication, programming, or visits from family.

I have a history of mental illness that is well documented in my medical file prior to my arrest and incarceration. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, dual split personality, axis 2, manic depressive bi polar, anxiety and panic attacks.  The BOP doesn’t recognize mental illness as a real issue and on numerous occasions I have been denied access to my meds. I am not getting my bi-polar meds now.

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